No longer accepting memberships

The Accountants Club have decided it will not be accepting membership.  AVN, as a major sponsor and provider of resources and systems have agreed to provide you with a free trial of their 5 Star Taster, valued at £597 plus VAT.  The trial will last until you have attended one of the next 2 Practice Growth Masterclasses.

This will give you…

Practice Improvement Specialist help

  • One-to-one diagnostic review to identify your specific circumstances

  • One-to-one feedback and step by step recommendations tailored to you

  • ‘Discover your practice potential’ one-to-one session

  • Support from a Practice Growth Specialist

  • Access to the AVN community of forward thinking accountants

Transformational Implementation training

  • Powerful and insightful three day Practice Growth Masterclass

  • 6 x Sales Growth Driver training (live 90 minute sessions)

  • 40 hours of CPD points through live training

  • In-depth, on-demand e-learning

  • Quick Win profit improvement training day

Powerful Books

  • The AVN Guide to the UK's Best Accountancy Practices

  • Your Blueprint to a Better Accountancy Practice – in-depth research report

  • The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices – Steve Pipe’s acclaimed book

  • Your Journey to Excellence – how to become a truly excellent accountancy practice

  • How to stop technology killing your practice

AVN Tools

  • Time's Up! value pricing software for compliance and added value services

  • BenchMark software enabling valuable conversations from informative and impressive reports

  • Online portal access to powerful profit improvement resources

If you would like to take us up on this offer, then please email with the subject Free Accountants Club AVN Taster

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